Reading and interpreting brain scans are vital skills for better assessments and treatments of people with neurological injuries. Find out how to upskill.

Brain Imaging for Rehabilitation Clinicians

ReNeu@Rehab – Get Trained

Learn to read and interpret brain scans of your clients beyond the radiologist report. Extract from brain scans information that will change the way you assess and treat your clients. A nourishing and practical learning experience in small groups. Once you completed the course you will get an opportunity to join a supportive community that meets regularly to discuss case studies and neuroscience.

The course is suitable for rehabilitation clinicians from various disciplines such as:

  • Neuropsychologists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Rehabilitation physicians
  • Speech pathologists, etc.

The multi-disciplinary nature of the course enriches the learning experience of individual clinicians and is in line with the multi-disciplinary approach to the rehabilitation of clients with neurological injuries.

What did clinicians say about the course?

  • It completely changed the way I look at my patients. (Lisa – Speech Pathologists)
  • One of the more interesting courses I’ve attended for a long time. I was completely comfortable being out of my comfort zone. (Norbert – Physiotherapist)
  • I didn’t even realise how much I did not know about MRI. (Harriet – Neuropsychologist)
  • It helped me pass my exam! (Estelle – Rehabilitation Medicine Registrar)
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Being able to view and understand brain imaging is an important skill and tool for rehabilitation clinicians. Discovery:

  1. The role of brain imaging in neurological rehabilitation
  2. The difference between using brain imaging in the acute and rehabilitation settings
  3. The knowledge gaps that need to be filled in for effective use of brain imaging
  4. A case study as an example of how brain imaging can be used in rehabilitation

This 45 min talk can be delivered face to face, or live online, and is well suited for staff continuous professional development (e.g. in-services).

This talk has been delivered in various health services in Australia, and has received highly positive feedback.

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Speaker with a Sparkle

Invite Ettie to talk or give a workshop about specific topics in neurological rehabilitation, brain imaging and neuroscience. Examples of invited talks and workshops:

  • Australia Physiotherapy Association – Advances in neuroscience and their relevance to physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation Medicine Training Victoria – How to assess spasticity? An interactive workshop
  • The 7th Speech Pathology Subacute Seminar – Brain Imaging for Rehabilitation Clinicians
  • Caulfield Hospital – How to assess hypertonicity in the lower and upper limbs? An interactive workshop

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Brain Imaging Consultation

Book time to meet with Ettie to see the brain imaging and discuss the rehabilitation program of a specific client.

Get a different perspective on your client, where they are at and what to do next.

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Thanks to COVID-19 we transitioned to online learning

Upcoming Brain Imaging Courses

14th July – 11th September 2020

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