This is an example of an actual client I saw, and how I used information from brain imaging to treat them better.

A of couple of weeks after having a stent inserted to a coronary artery, the client noticed heaviness in their foot and that the foot was dragging. The client had a problem with that foot before so the reason for the problem was not clear.

The GP chose to send the client to get a brain scan and the client had a copy of their brain images. After viewing the brain images, I was able to identify the exact location and size of the brain lesion (both of which were not specified in the radiology report).

Based on the information I got from the images I was able to determine that:

  1. The heaviness in the foot was related to the brain lesion.
  2. This heaviness was unrelated to the previous problem they had in the same foot.
  3. They will be able to work hard and make good recovery.
  4. Based on the location of the lesion, they are at risk of developing an additional complication and therefore need to be monitored closely.
  5. The client will achieve their goal of going back to running.

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