This is a common question I get.

The brain images can only be obtained from the health service where the images were taken. They can be obtained at the time of scanning or at a later date. You need to contact the radiology department and ask them to burn a CD with your brain images.

On the CD they will also burn software that allows a clinician to open the brain images no matter which computer they use. The radiology report on the other hand can be obtained from the GP (general practitioner / physician) or the specialist that requested the scans.

It is easiest to get a copy of the report from the GP, so make sure you ask the radiographer / radiology department at the time of the scan to send a copy of the report to the GP.

In summary the brain images can only be obtained from the radiology department where the scans were performed, but the report can be obtained from various medical doctors. See the full video to understand the process better. Please subscribe to this channel and leave a comment below.