When a client has a brain scan, a set of brain images is produced as well as a radiology report. Although health services will share reports, they WON’T share the images.

The two reasons for this are:

  • They can’t share images because the systems used to store the brain images are not compatible.
  • They won’t share full health information records with people who work in a different health service.

If the client has a copy of the brain images, they are free to share it with whichever health professional they choose to, no matter which health service they work in. Therefore, clients have the right to have a copy of their brain images, and the freedom to choose who to share them with.

The message to clients is:

  • Exercise your right to have a copy of your brain images
  • Share your brain images wisely (not freely)
  • Store the brain images safely (you may need them again)

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