What Is Brain Rehabilitation About?

About Dr Ettie Ben-Shabat

  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy
  • Master of Physiotherapy (Neurology)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Neuroscience) La Trobe University and the National Stroke Research Institute

My unique skills are:

  • Combining clinical expertise with high level neuroscience training
  • Being able to explain complex concepts using simple language

My zeal for treating neurological clients started over 20 years ago and I’ve worked in various health services in Australia as well as overseas. I now see clients privately and marvel at how much I still learn from my clients.

My passion for neuroscience started when doing my masters’ degree and tutoring neuroscience to medical and physio students. I found neuroscience so interesting that I took on a PhD in brain imaging the next year. My PhD was challenging and felt like learning a whole new profession. But I made it through, and it changed the way I look at my clients. My PhD also enabled me to channel my insatiable curiosity into research.

I hold a Senior Clinician and Researcher position at Caulfield Hospital, and an Adjunct Senior Lecturer position at La Trobe University. In my efforts to educate rehabilitation clinicians in using brain imaging for clinical purposes I have given talks and courses at various health services, and professional organisations across Australia.