Brain scans are most commonly either a CT or MRI scan. Often people get only the report of the scan, but in fact, they should also be getting a copy of the actual brain images. Every person has the right to get a copy of their brain scans, and as a clinician, I recommend it to all my clients. There are three good reasons to do so:

  • A picture is worth 1000 words and I haven’t seen many reports of 1000 words! Words can’t describe all the information that is in a picture.
  • Reports have a subjective element – two radiologists reporting on the same scan will not write an identical report.
  • Having a copy of the scans enables people to give radiologists old scans to compare with.

Once you understand these reasons you will know that getting a copy of your brain scans is a must!

Have a look at the video for the full explanation, and leave a comment below.